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        staplers are nice. write a thank you letter to king louis xv who invented the first stapler in 1866 to express your gratitude. a world without staplers would be a mess of loose papers. behind every manmade object is a designer. and there are still countless problems waiting to be solved. parker creates solutions that encourage others to live a healthier and happier life. he aspires to create solutions that increase in value over time and envisions a product life-cycle system where waste equals food. 

        parker is an avid adventurist, musician, comedian, and swimmer. rugged camping and standup comedy are some of the only two activities that allow you to open up and use everything you know. they sharpen your mind like no other activity. The goals of surviving in nature and making people laugh are both so simple and profoundly full of deep potential.

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1st place Mwest Challenge 2020 

Entrepreneurial Competition (uRiff)

filed provisional patent 62/871,349 with Spectrum Health Innovations on a medical product design spring of 2019

2018-2019 president of the industrial designers society of america (idsa) student chapter at kendall college

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volunteered to lead a team of 8th graders designing furniture for helen devos children's hospital fall of 2018 

parker created and lead the local networking group sunny valley grand rapids (svgr) that met biweekly 2018-2020. the group aimed to connect driven college age people with other likeminded talented folks to boost each person towards achieving their dreams. svgr was a safe space to verbalize dreams and express talent. Each meeting also hosted a unique guest professional such as a lead engineer of general electric, a professional comedian, an industry leading toy designer, and professional music bands.​



passion projects

demo of phone mirror gadget


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learning music since spring 2019

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videography contracts with companies including Masterpiece Flower supply, EagleBurgmann, Sweet Spot StudioMatch Frame Creative.  

featured in HipShotDot promo.

music video production for Daniel Del Russo



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